A Road out of Naknek

A Road out of Naknek:

Alaskan Salmon Fishing, Long-Distance Running, and Life According to the Tide

by Keith Catalano Wilson

In Naknek, a remote commercial salmon-fishing town in southwest Alaska, teenage Keith began running to deal with a feeling of isolation. As an adult, he has since left Naknek, moving from place to place, finding different jobs and different adventures along the way. All the while, he keeps running and competes in a number of long-distance races up to 100 miles. Running provides time for reflection and a sense of inner clarity that nothing else seems to offer — but as life moves forward, he continues to return to Naknek every summer for the commercial fishing season.

A Road out of Naknek predominately moves in chronological order through different stages of life. We are brought along a journey of contemplative exploration, inspiring us to strive toward a greater understanding of life through the biological cycle of salmon, retreading the same path on a run, and the inevitable power of the tide.

The seamless weaving between different parts of his life makes you realize that all parts of you and your path in life are so interconnected, and for Keith, all related to salmon. 

Nicole Loke

 I love the way the book bounces between places, and how you get to know the family dynamics so fluidly while reading. It is as though you are living these experiences with him, and at the end I found myself wanting to know where the road would lead him next. 

Jessica Hanley

Keith is a very good story teller and weaves his life growing up in Naknek with his journey becoming a long distance runner. At the end of the book you feel like Keith and his mom and dad are personal friends. 

Steve Andrewson

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